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Southern Addison

Southern Addison



These lights look great, save energy and have a built-in ComEd rebate that makes them less expensive than what I am currently using. All of that makes this project a


no-brainer,” says Paul Kennedy of Johnson Controls. Not only did the LEDs further reduce the lighting load by nearly 25 percent, they tripled the lamp life of the lighting system to 45,000 hours. The visual impact of the LED lamps is dramatic as well. Gone is the color shift on the white floors that occurred with the ceramic metal halide. LEDs provide crisp white pools of light that enhance the high end image that the tenants expect of the property. 900 North Michigan will continue the conversion to LED and will replace an additional 650 ceramic metal


LED. When all of the ceramic metal halide lamps are converted to LED, the lighting system will be nearly 80 percent more efficient than the halogen product that was originally installed. The greatest benefit is having a lighting system with a useful lifespan of more than

7 years.